Vintage black opera gloves silkscreened with Alice in Wonderland

Black opera length vintage gloves silkscreened with a Lewis Carroll photograph of Alice Liddell, the inspiration behind Alice in Wonderland.  She is screened in purple.  The gloves measure 14" long and are best for a small to medium hand.

*It is important to me to use recycled materials and all of my gloves are vintage and each pair is hand silkscreened.  I only select gloves that are in very good condition, but because they are vintage and hand silkscreened there may be slight imperfections.  This is what makes them beautiful and unique though.  No two pairs will ever be the same!

$ 50.00

Stacy Renee Morrison

Stacy Renee Morrison is an artist, photographer, writer and 19th century detective based in New York City. She teaches at the School of Visual Arts.
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